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Nature park Žumberak – Samobor Hills

Villa Plešivica View is situated inside the Nature park Žumberak – Samobor Hills which is a highly biodiverse area. The nature park is one of the most valuable natural and cultural areas of continental Croatia. It is a hilly area, covering the south side of Žumberak Hill and the entire Samobor Hills, an area of 34.235 hectares total. The tallest peak is Sveta Gera, 1178 metres above the sea, and it’s also the tallest peak of northwest Croatia. The park area features over 300 kilometres of bicycle trails and 350 kilometres of hiking trails.


Plešivica is a part of the hill of the same name (779 metres tall), rich with flora and fauna. Plešivica is only seven kilometres away from Jastrebarsko and sun-kissed on most days. So many sunny days, as well as rich soil, make its vineyards grow so well. Today, Plešivica is a true symbol of viticulture of its area. The visitors will enjoy crisp air, fresh goods, homemade dishes, and of course the premium wines. A famous local attraction is a metal pyramid viewpoint, constructed long ago in 1881 at the top of the hill. The pyramid offers a wide view of verdant vineyards, clear blue skies, and Jastrebarsko countryside.

Spring water sources in Sveta Jana

The symbol of Sveta Jana is healthy spring water. An old and bountiful thermal spring in the village Svetojanske Toplice confirms the area has enjoyed it since ancient times. The water owes its premium quality to a balance of minerals. And above the village Lanišće, there is a much-loved source of spring water which has, in oral tradition, been known as an aphrodisiac!


Japetić is the tallest peak of Samobor Hills (879 metres) and one of the most well-known picnic and hiking spots in Croatia. It has been declared a forest vegetation reserve. A 12 metres tall pyramid viewpoint offers an unforgettable view of Samobor Hills. You can reach Japetić by several well-marked hiking trails or roads over Draga Svetojanska.

Erdödy Castle Park

Erdödy Castle Park located in Jastrebarsko highly contributes to the rich biodiversity of the area. It has been declared a horticultural monument. The most notable indigenous elements are lucerne oak, maple, red-leaved beech and hornbeam. The protected area of the park covers 9.47 hectares, and features a crystal clear stream Reka, lake Park and Erdödy Castle. The park also features a playground area, recreational areas and numerous forms of historical heritage education.

Crna Mlaka – special ornithological reserve

The most valuable gem of natural heritage of Jastrebarsko area is certainly the special ornithological reserve Crna Mlaka. The swampy forest area lies 11 kilometres southeast of Jastrebarsko city centre. A park sits in the centre of the reserve, with ornamental trees and shrubs. The lakes attracted the birds, so today, ornithologists have recorded 235 bird species, of them 98 water birds and 74 forest birds. In 1980, Crna Mlaka was declared a special ornithological reserve and placed under special protection. The reserve is on the Ramsar list (The List of Wetlands of International Importance) and has been declared an Important Bird Area. It is closed to tourists.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most significant of Croatia’s natural beauties. Sixteen lakes, large and small, are interconnected by waterfalls flowing over tufa deposits which earned the park UNESCO-protected status in 1979 when it was declared a World Heritage Site. It is also the most-visited Croatian national park. It is located 119 kilometres away from the Villa.


Natural beauty